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Welcome to the website of LA NOBLE PATTE. My name is Johanne Berard and I am the proud owner of the place. It is with great pleasure that I welcome you to my home.

Over the past ten years, I have worked hard to build my Maltese, Chinese Imperial and Toy Poodle breeding to offer high quality puppies of course, but also to convey my philosophy and, as an animal behaviorist, teach everyday life with your dog. You can not be a breeder and do not worry about the responsibility that it imposes.

Here the process of adoption is done by affinities and the ultimate goal is to bring each adopter to live happily with a dog well educated and in good health for ALL its LIFE. At home, you will be surrounded throughout the process of education of your puppy. Whether you are a beginner, experienced or downright uneducated I accompany you and teach you all the workings of life with a dog.

The reputation of LA NOBLE PATTE is well established but I continue to evolve and advance the services offered at home. Do not hesitate to consult me ​​to guide you in the future adoption of one of my puppies.

I wish you, therefore, an excellent visit in my wonderful world!

Johanne Bérard, professional breeder & owner


Monique Trudel
Thank you Mrs Johanne Bérard for the help you give me and your precious advice that you give me for the care of my two poodles that I love with all my heart "And who are sick since last Tuesday, thank you with all my heart for our patience and your encouragement. I send you their pictures Cognac and Maya Monique Trudel ❤️❤️❤️

Nathalie Cloutier
Hello Johanne, I hope you're fine? I still want to say a big THANK YOU, your advice has changed our lives at home, our dogs are more calm and very controllable hihihi .... no more markings when I am present. I advise all breeders to act as pack leader with 2 dogs and more, I have thirty dogs at me and since I am the pack leader of this beautiful gang, we are even more united and we have become a whole, a unit, a wave that is the wind movement. It's fantastic ! My little puppies follow the wave without problems and are balanced and calm ....

Olivia Benarroch Oiknine
Johanne Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking care of whiskey throughout his convalescence in addition to bringing him to his appointment at the vet and reassuring me every day during my absence. I'm so happy to have taken the VIP guarantee with you it's really amazing! Olivia

Nathalie Demers
Soon 2 weeks we have cheerios and I wanted to say that he is adorable !!! He's everything vs promised, sociable, clean, playful and he does not bark !!! He was a hit with the staff of the veterinary clinic where he had his vaccine booster In short, we love him with love cheerios, alias le che, alias the beast Thank you!

Chantale Couture
We adopted a male Maltipoo from La Noble Patte last September. Our puppy has spent 7 months under the care and education of Johanne and Kelly-Ann, since we import tipou to the United Arab Emirates. We welcomed our tipou on April 8th and since he is the star of the family. He received an exemplary education. No problem of adaptation, he is calm, adorable and very affectionate. He walks near us, does not bark and is very happy. Thank you very much to the Noble Patte for your outstanding work.

Jill Cote
Hello Johanne, Everything happens as I would never have imagined ... The "dolls" are a remarkable kindness, they have confidence in them, I enjoy discovering their personality to each. Alice is a cheeky little girl and does all the blows, while Adele is more discreet. They are already "the beautiful" by showing me their belly, they already make their nights in bed ... And they sleep all night!! I am the happiest in the world !!!! If my feet allow, I will go around my neighbors this pm. Yesterday, they went back to my pharmacy and everyone was gaga. My groomer also told me that they would make exceptional little girls. They stand together, fight, sleep one on the other, let themselves be cured as I hoped. In short, I have fun as a crazy! Thank you for everything, really! Jill, Alice & Adèle xxx

Helene and Alain
Hello Johanne, We would like to thank you personally for the trust you have placed in us for the adoption of our little Bella of love (toy poodle) that will soon be 1 year old. Bella has a good temperament, sociable, playful, affectionate and intelligent. It's a little dog who knows how to behave as well with humans as with animals. What is very particular for a small dog is that it does not bark because you've been watching to her education during the first months of her life and you continue to be available for us when we have questions about it. We want you to know that if we had to adopt a little companion for Bella, again, that would be with you for sure. Thank you again Johanne!
Helene and Alain

Majeau Family
Dear Johanne, I take the time to send you this message to tell you how happy we are to have adopted our little "hair ball" at La Noble Patte! Our little Millie is so adorable and fills us with happiness! Your professionalism and your passion for everything you do from you a woman of speech on whom we can always count. We only have good words for you and your business and in this new year, we wish you long life to you and your family, health, happiness and friendship. Thank you and see you soon! The Majeau family xxx

Myriam Cantin
Thank you Johanne for trusting me to become the owner of Spirou (now Wilson)! After 5 days of cohabitation, we learn from each other and I want to thank you for your support through this crucial period of adaptation. The good words I had read about you and your dogs come true with Wilson Happy holidays and a happy new year 2019!

Pauline, Maxime, Sandrine and Laurent Thierrin
Dear Johanne, A big BONJOUR from Epalinges in Switzerland where Grafic, now named CHARLIE, makes the happiness of his adoptive family since now already 3 weeks !! He is simply adorable! Very easygoing (already clean, very player but not destructive, very little barker, good eater and good sleeper), it's a real Christmas gift for the whole family! As this is our first dog, we started taking training classes Canine group education. Charlie turns out to be a very diligent student and the first simple orders are already beginning to be assimilated. He is very sociable, as much with humans as with other dogs. Thanking you once again for all your wise advice, we hope that you had a beautiful Christmas party and wish you already a MAGNIFICENT YEAR 2019!

Delphine, Renens, Switzerland
Dear Johanne, I wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas! Our little Hirondelle (which we called Mirabelle) is fantastic! Very curious, she discovers all our world with enthusiasm! She is joyful, sweet, cuddly, curious, playful, ... in short, a marvel!