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My name is Johanne Berard and I am the proud owner of LA NOBLE PATTE. I have been working in the animal industry for 30 years. I have managed dogs, cats and birds departments in different large pet shops for over 12 years. I studied the behavior and nutrition of dogs and parrots, kennel management, marketing, aviaries management, artificial incubation of parrots, nutrition, dog and parrots breeding, import-export, worked for a large American kennel, had 2 grooming salons and, finally, wrote a book on parrots, published in 2004. To this day I am still mentor for the organization FUTURPRENEUR “Young entrepreneurs of Quebec” and for several young breeders who start in the field.

I have never stopped studying and learning about animals. That’s why I’m always as curious and open about animal field innovations. I love developing and creating. My way of working reflects that side of me that could be described as a perfectionist. I always have a reason and a purpose in what I do and I evolve according to the novelties that I discover. This is how my adventure with the pocket dogs began.

LA NOBLE PATTE online is born from this desire to create and advance in a virtual world. I wanted to adapt and share my knowledge, my discoveries and my work, on a daily basis, using this medium that has become common with time. So, I learned computer language to be able to manage my internet space myself. Everything you see on the website of LA NOBLE PATTE, graphics, colors and assemblies, was built by myself.

My thirst for knowledge and my love for “difference” have naturally led me to develop a line of very small dogs. My breeding has led me to learn technics that continue to develop with experience and I am always kindled by this desire to see LA NOBLE PATTE standing proudly among the best in its field.

My work in the public allowed me, also, to develop a service appreciated and recognized by all. At home, the customer is important and I take great care of each of them. It is for this reason that the vast majority is more than satisfied.

To this day, I continue to develop healthy and professional breeding models, even in a family setting, by associating myself with interested people and above all by having, like me, the respect of the physical and emotional needs of the animal.

My breedings are recognized throughout the world and their popularity makes me very proud of the path traveled. Succession will be assured and I hope that the model that I have set up for several years and which works wonderfully will have enough followers to never again talk about abuse in breeding animals. I will be able to rest in peace. My mission finished.

In my desire to transmit as many people as possible, my knowledge I organize workshops and articles on the behavior and management of breeding in order to train and teach that the animal is not an object that can be thrown when it is no longer our desire. I also own a group on FACEBOOK, transcribed within the pages of LA NOBLE PATTE, about the behavior of our 4 paws friends where I wrote more than 180 articles that are read and applied by hundreds of people. that I’dd like to become hundreds of thousands.

My ultimate goal is to bring down, or eliminate, the outrageous number, of animals euthanized each year. Everything passes through the knowledge and the responsibility of the breeders against the animals that are born under their roof. There will be no retreat to convey my message.

With more and more followers of my model, I am now reassuring that there will always be good breeders who will care about the job well done, like me.

“Nothing is utopian, everything is possible!”

Johanne Berard

My breeding consists of Maltese, Chinese Imperial and Toy Poodle of very small size. In the official standards of dog clubs my dogs are classified in the group «TOY GROUP». Designations such as “TCUP, TEACUP, MICRO, CHINA CUP” are used only in popular language and are used to identify a particular size. All these dogs are TOY if they weigh between 2 lbs and 6 lbs (0.900 kg to 2.721 kg) among other points that are part of the Canadian standard of their respective breed. Several articles are conveyed, on the internet, on the supposed ill health of dogs of very small sizes. Outside, all these dogs are part of an official standard and, professionally raised with the concern of subject of high quality, are not only in excellent health but live longer, often beyond 20 years. A bad subject of bad line, no matter its size, will give subjects of poor quality and health. My dogs are of excellent quality and that is why I have a very high percentage of success. Keep in mind that you do not treat a 2 lbs (0.900 kg) dog like a 10 lbs (4.535 kg) dog. You can read more about very small dogs on my blog (in french) where you will find several articles about it. My breeders were selected for their physical characteristics, small size, temperament and intelligence.

-My dogs and puppies are exemplarily educated. They does not bark and are calm and docile. They are not treated like humans. They follow the rules of a pack, as it should be for their species.

-All my breeding dogs are registered with AKC and CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) and some of my Maltese are registered, also, KKF. All my puppies are sold microchipped but NOT registered since my priorities are behavior and education. My breeding dogs are purebred and comes,  most part, from champions blood lines.

-Note that I own a small breeding and I have only a few litters at a time. Each pup is educated like my adults. At their departure they are 100% potty trained on washable pads, know the good manners and do not bark. Each adoption is treated individually and I chose, carefully, each ideal family  for all my puppies.

-In order to focus on my after sales services, always growing, my breeders are in the care of a friend. It is at her place that mating, birth and weaning occur. My puppies arrive at home after their first vaccination and I immediately begin their education. This, now, allows interested people to come see a puppy in person before adopting it.

– My puppies are respected in their individuality and I choose, with my clients, the one that will best fit into the family structure of these. As some of my puppies are very small, they must receive day and night care for more than 12 weeks. For all these reasons, I do not sell my puppies / dogs to pet shops and / or brokers, so thank you for not soliciting me.

-My dogs are also insured by insurance broker GROUPE D’ONOFRIO.

A good diet being the basis of success and good health it was normal that I study the issue in depth. The feeding of my dogs is based on the specific needs of their species. There is no “vegetarian”, “special allergies” or “less protein”. My dogs eat a basic food (dry) adapted to their needs as breeders. I respect 100% their particular digestive system and it is for this reason that their food contains no cereal, is totally natural and composed in the great majority of meat.

All my dogs and puppies are fed with “ACANA ACANA WILD PRAIRIE” which is composed of meat and vegetables is totally natural and without cereal. Highly protein-rich, it provides excellent health to weaning puppies that are very small. Thus the risks of hypoglycemia are reduced considerably.


To get it:

  1. Go to the following link: https://acana.com/?lang=en-ca
  2. Click on the “Points of sale” tab on the right under the search window
  3. Under the heading “Points of sale” enter your postal code even if there is an inscription.
  4. Click on the magnifying glass to the right of your postal code.
  5. All stores in your area, where you can get it, will appear on a map and below on a list.

The good health of my dogs and puppies is important to me. This is why they receive the appropriate care for a good physical and psychological balance. Besides a good diet and a quality lifestyle, they are followed by Dr. Patrick Lewis de la clinique vétérinaire du domaine vert.

My adults follow a vaccination program recommended by Dr. Lewis, parasitic tests are carried out regularly and all my puppies leave vaccinated and dewormed.

My breeding is called CLOSED. My dogs are tested and free from viruses, bacteria and parasites. You, who shop a puppy, go visit several places that could host any of these unwanted. My dogs and puppies are healthy and I wish they remain. My breeding is professional and respects the manners of the canine species, therefore, they live all together, in pack. Their apartments are
PRIVATE, like your home. The sight of strangers could stress them and affect their well-being. It is not installed as at the zoo for you to see them. It is installed for their well-being and comfort.

As I raise long-haired dogs, their regular grooming is important and their maintenance is done either by myself or by a grooming salon.

Having lots of experience of managing large kennels it was obvious that I would avoid negative points and focus on the positive. My way of working is special because I do not treat my dogs like humans. At home I’m working to recreate, as much as possible, the environment of the canine species in its simplest expression while combining the essential accessories to their reproduction, pregnancy, nursery, etc …
I focus on what happens between the two ears. The behavior of breeders should be as flawless as possible so as to give the puppies the same habits of life, safety and well-being not passing through “human comfort” as many might think. The small accessories all cute to froufrou, will have no effect if the dog is left to itself and / or not respected in its way of being. That’s why I’m the leader of my pack. My dogs must behave appropriately. They do not bark, remain calm, live together and are busy. I ensure that all their basic needs are met. If I notice a flaw, I fix it quickly.

At home, males stay with their females for several days after mating. They rub shoulders with the pregnant female, the mother who gives birth and even feed the nursing mother. That’s how it happens in a pack and I respect their lifestyle. Every detail is meticulously respected in order to see the birth of balanced puppies. The departure is paramount. A puppy that is born in an inadequate environment will be inadequate later. I make sure that nothing misses mom and I get involved in the process with her. I watch my dogs a lot and I listen to them 24 hours a day.

This way of proceeding has proved its worth and leaded LA NOBLE PATTE to a higher level that is recognized by all. Breeders or individuals, the vast majority agree that the puppies of LA NOBLE PATTE are zen and well educated in addition to not barking.

My dogs and puppies are my pride and reflection of the time I put on their education.

Johanne Berard

We are renovating to fill the different services of LA NOBLE PATTE. Thank you for coming back later for info.


LA NOBLE PATTE’s is located on the mountainside, in a private domain, in the beautiful Laurentians region, in St-Sauveur, Quebec, Canada. The village is touristy and full of small art galleries, good restaurants and B & B. In winter, St-Sauveur is known for its ski slopes.

It’s here that I take care of the administration, the visitors, the departure of the puppies, VIP education, boarding and boutique. I am happy to welcome you to my home, by appointment,  7 days and 7 nights a week. To make an appointment please contact me by phone at 438-820-2911 or by email at: infos2018@lanoblepatte.com

The quality of my puppies, my expertise and the professional service that I offer have crossed borders and over the years I have developed a V.I.P. service for international adoptions.

I have my import-export permit allowing me to export my puppies easily. I am also familiar with any documentation needed to import into more than 150 countries around the world. I take care of everything from the paperwork, veterinarian, licenses, quarantines, tests and special vaccines needed to enter these countries.

Whether I send or bring the puppy in person, by plane, I take care of the whole process from start to end. Here are the places where La Noble Patte puppies have already elected home: